August Hofbauer
Vineland Glass Works, Inc. 1932-1958?
Beacon Glass Company 1944-1949
South Jersey Bog Glass Works 1966-1968

An optic flared vase with a crimpt top.  It is 8 1/2"s tall.  A fairly common piece but often confused with other manufactures.

A rose bowl with a thumbprint pattern.  About 6 1/2" across and 6" tall.  Hofbauer also made an Ivy bowl very similar but smaller.

An oval optic fluted vase, sometimes referred to as an "onion vase".  About 7"s tall and 7 1/2"s across.

A beautiful ruby pitcher with a crystal handle.  It is 6 1/2" tall and  5 14" across.  Shown in Glass Gaffers of New Jersey, plate #14.

This hat vase is an optic 16 ribbed vase in aquamarine blue. It is 8 3/4" tall. This is the only one I have ever seen made this way. Made from the mold used to make the 10" tall optic vase with fluted edge

7 1/2" tall optic ribbed vase with 16 ribs, not an easy one to find.  I have a pair of them.  Only other I know of is in aqua at the Heritage Glass Museum in Glassboro, NJ

A nice un-usual looped vase.  Butterscotch in color with a lime green base glass.  The glass has an oily feeling to it.  5 1/4" tall and about3 1/2" across. 

This is a small footed optic vase, 16 ribbed, 4 3/4" tall by 3' wide. Not shown in any catalog I have seen.

Another decanter, unfortunately I do not believe the stopper is original.  Stands about 8 3/4" tall and 7" across with-out the stopper.  Shown with four optic ribbed juice glasses.  Not in any catalog I have seen. 

Often confused with Clevenger's Whitney vase, this is an optic vase with a fluted top.  Stands 5 1/4"s tall.  The main difference is in the shoulder shape.

Not shown in any catalog I have seen, 4 3/4" tall by 4 1/4" wide, 16 ribbed

Not shown in any catalog I have seen.  Optic ribbed Juice glass, 3 1/4" tall.

Not shown in any catalog I have seen.  Small coin-spot tumblers, 5" tall.

Not shown in any catalog I have seen.  A ribbed creamer with double strapped handle.  I believe blown at Farabella Glass Works.

Not shown in any catalog I have seen.  A hobnail vase, 5 3/4: tall


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